Are You Getting A 5x Return On Your Marketing Spend?

Are you wasting money on ads? Or, are you completely underwhelmed by your return on investment (ROI)?

The Pathway

It should go without saying that your marketing campaigns should be delivering a clear and measurable positive ROI.

We have developed The Pathway, which can work in conjunction with The Understanding, to provide you with clear actionable insight and the tools to get ahead of the competition, and of course, achieve more sales!

While we may have created The Pathway, make no mistake, we are not pitching to undertake all aspects of marketing for your business, nor are we feeding you marketing BS! We simply know what works.

We provide you with a clear roadmap for long-term success, which can be adopted to support your current marketing team, or agency.

The in-depth yet easy to follow report highlights how, when, and where to target your most profitable customers across multiple digital marketing channels, including PPC, SEO, and Digital PR, and Email.

Remember, we don’t care about vanity metrics, and we certainly don’t do ‘marketing fluff’; we’re interested in one thing only, and that’s growing your business.

Your Pathway to Profitable Marketing

The How

Once we have identified the who, the what and the why through The Understanding, through The Pathway, we will solve the issue of how.

Based on our in-depth data and analysis we will be able to provide actionable insights which outline what channels will drive sales, spanning Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Social, Digital PR, and Email marketing.

Remember, we can work with you independently, this does not mean that you need to part with your in-house marketing team or existing agency, we naturally complement what you already have in place.

The When

Do you know when is the best time to run your marketing campaigns? Or does your in-house marketing team or agency use ad schedules?

It seems obvious that you should only run ads when your customers are most likely to be online, and most likely to generate you sales, right? While this may be the case, countless businesses are experiencing wasted click and ad spend!

With The Pathway, we can analyse and provide valuable feedback as to when you should be running campaigns to maximise your conversion rates.

The Where

This boils down to where to target your customers online. For instance, in the realms of social media is this LinkedIn or TikTok?

Once we have discovered the what and the why, we will provide you with valuable insight as to where your customers are online, this can include browsing behaviours and popular websites that they visit frequently. Armed with this information you can successfully target your more profitable customers.

All The Clicks But No Sales?

Are you getting clicks, or even leads but no sales when paying for traffic through ad spend? While this is not uncommon, it does highlight that something is seriously broken.

Unless you are a fame-hungry 18-year old social media influencer, then getting a high volume of traffic is worthless, if it’s not generating sales, and what’s worse, you have wasted ad spend.

Through The Pathway, we don’t just provide you with the insight and tools to reach your most valuable customers, we will highlight how you can fix your paid marketing funnel to drive more conversions, pinpointing why prospective customers once on your website are not converting, and show you how to put that right!


All The Clicks But No Sales?

Overall Progress: +75%

What You Get: The 7 Proven Steps

We adopt our proven, 7 step process to deliver a Pathway which empowers you to your target your most profitable customers – your bespoke roadmap, will follow the principles of these steps.

  • In-Depth Analysis – We analyse your competitors, and industry benchmarks.
  • The How – Identify which marketing channels will maximise your ROI.
  • The When – The best times to target your most profitable customers.
  • The Where – Where your prospective customers are and their behaviours.
  • Attribution How to track, measure, and report on your success (ROI).
  • Strategy – A clear easy to follow 12-month plan for success.
  • Implementation – Put the plan into action.

While as you would expect the report does focus on targeting your most profitable customers, The Pathway offers so much more! We cover how to segment and attract customers throughout the buying and decision making process, which can include lead nurturing, and remarketing across multiple digital marketing channels, including email, display, and YouTube.


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